#TopCause: Lethabong protective workshop centre

Our latest #TopCause is Lethabong protective workshop centre. We’re recognising them not only for the dedication that they put into their profile on forgood, but for the work that they do in the communities they are present in. We interviewed them to learn a little more about who they are to share with, and inspire you.

Who are you and what do you do?

Our main goal is to tackle the discrimination and low esteem of people living with disabilities. We try by all means to help our beneficiaries realise their potential. We convey the message that being disabled is NOT an inability – you can make your mark in society using your talents!

Lethabong protective workshop centre

Why did you get started?

The organization was started after we realised the standard of living our beneficiaries have. They always stay at home while their peers go to school to study Our beneficiaries are sadly always left behind.

We had to intervene! We had to try and help them better their lives. The almost 50 beneficiaries we take care of were mostly staying indoors. They missed out on socialization opportunities and some of them were also exposed to narcotics. We really wanted to educate the community on addiction and other social problems.

What is a story that keeps you going?

Tiny Ramoshaba

Meet Tiny Ramoshaba. She was born at the Ga Wale village in 1985. She joined the centre in 2017. She is physically handicapped as well as short sighted. This young girl has an amazing talent – she recycles and creates beautiful objects out of plastic. She knits cosmetic bags of different sizes and beautiful caps. These products are sold to the community.



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