100 Opportunities for Mandela Day

This year marks the centennial of the birth of Nelson Mandela. On July 18th, South Africans are charged to lead as social citizens by performing acts of public service for 67 minutes. This year’s theme, Be the Legacy, encourages us all to not only volunteer on Mandela Day, but to give of ourselves all year long. To Mandela, this was a part of the three pillars he lived by: free yourself, free others and serve every day. The importance of this message resonates with us at forgood and is the purpose of the platform – to provide you with Opportunities, created by Causes, to help serve those in need.

“Poverty stalks South Africa. It is at the root of malnutrition, stunting, poor educational outcomes, the skills deficit and unemployment, disease, the loss of dignity, and even anger and violence. We have to take action against poverty, and we have to work together to do that. Each of us can make every day a Mandela Day by choosing to do something sustainable that will help South Africa eradicate poverty and ensure we each realise the ideal of a dignified life.”
The Nelson Mandela Foundation


To help you take #ActionAgainstPoverty and to celebrate the centennial of Nelson Mandela, we’ve created nine Campaigns, one for every province. Across our Campaigns, we’ve listed 100 Opportunities for you to get involved in your local community this Mandela Month, in hopes that it will encourage you to get involved year-round and #BeTheLegacy.

Poverty is powerful. It’s part of what makes us at forgood strive to make South Africa a better place. By bridging the gap between the rich and the poor, our goal is to connect the resources of the empowered to the needs of the dis-empowered. By taking #ActionAgainstPoverty, together, we can help to build a better nation. So #BetheLegacy and find an Opportunity to do some good this Mandela Month. As always, if you don’t find one that’s just right for you, consider creating an Offer!

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