Child Protection Week 2018

Our latest campaign for Child Protection Week, the first week of June, is a national awareness campaign that shines a spotlight on the issues facing young South Africans under the age of 18. Unfortunately, one in five South African children fall victim to physical, sexual or emotional abuse before their 18th birthday. The goal of the campaign is to help us better understand the importance of the safety, well-being, protection and care of children across the country – their rights are even included in our constitution!

The Bill of Rights, through section 28 (1) (b) asserts that every child has the right to family care when removed from the family environment; (c) to basic nutrition, shelter, basic health care services and social services; ( d )to be protected from maltreatment, neglect, abuse or degradation amongst other things. To date over 12 million children have access to the child support grant and many more are still expected to be brought into the system, but they can still use your help.

That being said, we all play a role in helping some of our most vulnerable members of our society, the children. They are dependent on others – their parents, their families, their communities – for care and protection. In the absence of parents and families and to aid with the protection of our children – forgood’s Cause community steps up to the plate!

How can you get involved?

Forgood has combed through our Causes and Opportunities to find some of the best ways you can get involved to help the at-risk children in our country which can be found in our Child Protection Week Campaign. We have over 20 Opportunities, from donating winter clothes to 100 homeless children in Gauteng, to volunteering by reading and teaching computer literacy to pre-schoolers, to donating part of your life insurance policy payment to a Cause that needs it most.

If you can’t find an Opportunity to help the children in your community, you should always consider creating an Offer!  Offers allow you to say how you’d like to volunteer or what you’d like to donate – be it your time, skills or previously loved goods. Think of something you’re good at or of something you no longer need that children could benefit from, create an Offer and make a difference to someone who could use your positive influence!

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